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Worship at You Belong

Sunday Morning 11:00am


Pastor Greg Behrend - Ordained by the Moravian Church in 2017

Are you looking for a DIFFERENT kind of worship opportunity? Perhaps Worship at You Belong is exactly what you need. We offer a unique worship experience that is grounded in accessibility, inclusion, and above all love. Our worship services are interactive in nature, encouraging those in worship to participate in hands-on crafts, movement activities, and/or small group discussions. We also worship through music, prayer, and being transformed by the word of God.


Family Friendly 

All of our worship service have a strong emphasis on being family friendly. We believe it is important for families to worship together and our worship space is equipped to give movement space for even our youngest worshippers.


Interactive Focused

Our worship service focus on making the word of God tangible for all our worshippers. Each worship service includes opportunities for  small group discussion, hands on projects, and movement activities that help worshipers engage the theme in a variety of ways.

Guitar Strings

Soul to Soul Connections

We believe that God is most alive in the relationships we have with one another. That is why we have a strong emphasis on connecting soul to soul with one another during worship. Our worship services are filled with opportunities to connect with one another during worship.

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