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Powerful Tools
for Caregivers 

Mother and Son
Holding Hands in the Sunshine

You Belong is offering a Powerful Tools for Caregivers course beginning Thursday September 14th. This 6 week course focuses on supporting parents/caregivers who have a child (of any age) living with a disability. 


Caring for a family member or friend with a chronic condition can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. This self-care educational program for family caregivers builds the skills caregivers need to take better care of themselves as they provide care for others. Caregiver participants learn to minimize the stress of caregiving in a weekly program emphasizing self-care and empowerment. Research on Powerful Tools for Caregivers shows increased self-efficacy for caregiver participants. 

Powerful Tools for Caregivers has served caregivers of adults with chronic conditions for over twenty years. PTC recently expanded the population of caregivers served to include caregivers of children with special health and behavioral needs (including minors and adult children). The program’s self-care emphasis remains the same.

In the six weekly classes, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to reduce personal stress, change negative self-talk, communicate their needs to family and healthcare or service providers, communicate effectively in challenging situations, recognize the messages in their emotions, deal with difficult feelings, and make tough caregiving decisions. Class participants also receive a copy of The Caregiver Helpbook.


Classes Meet Thursday 12:30-2:30p

Sept 14 - Oct 19 

(make up date 10/26 if needed)

2960 Allied St, Suite 103

Green Bay, WI 54304


Respit Care Need
Class Tuition - We are a non-profit that works to provide equitable programs to families in our community - we ask families to pay what they can. Payment can be made online (below) or in-person at the first class

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