Families Classes at You Belong

Our family classes are currently for families with children who are newborn through kindergarten age. We will be offering a variety of classes that provide parents/caregivers with community and support while providing children with play-based developmental learning.

Classes will begin with parents and children together and then have separated time for kids over 1 years-old and walking (children under 1 will stay with parents/caregivers).

Class Time Will Include: 

  • Family Activities and Circle Time 

    • Crafts​

    • Story Time

    • Music

    • Free Play 

  • Parent/Caregiver Discussion Time 

    • Check-in and Community Support ​

    • Themed Topics Exploring Parenting Strategies and Different Aspects of Child Development 

  • Staff Supervised Children Learning and Play Time

    • Crafts ​

    • Large Motor Skill Play/Outdoor Play (seasonal) 

    • Games/Activities 

    • Free Play 

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2021 Fall Classes
Session 2 (Nov-Dec)

Meeting Location: 
Day Class Meets at Bay Lake City Center 301 N Adams St
Evening Class Meets at Foundations 1061 W Mason St


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Arts & Crafts
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Day Time Class
Wednesday Mornings 9:30am-11:00am (11/3-12/8)

Evening Time Class
Wednesday Evenings 6:00pm-7:30pm (11/3-12/8)

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Evening Class or Daytime Class


“Come for Your Child-Stay for Yourself…”
by Kay Miller

· I came so my child could meet other children and make new friends-I stayed because I met other parents and made new friends.
· I came so my child could enjoy playing in an environment that was fun and educational-I stayed because I enjoyed parent discussions that were fun and educational.
· I came so my child could learn new things and develop new skills-I stayed because I learned new things about child development and developed new parenting skills.
· I came so my child could learn to share with other children-I stayed because I learned from others when we shared parenting joys and concerns.
· I came so my child could be cared for and learn from a nurturing, supportive staff-I stayed because I felt nurtured and supported while learning from a caring professional staff.
· I came so my child could feel good about himself and gain confidence-I stayed because the program made me feel good about myself and gain confidence as a parent.
· I came so my child would have quality time with me doing special activities-I stayed because I loved having quality time with my child doing special activities.
· I came because I love my child and want the best for him-I stayed because I love my child and wanted to learn how to be the best for him.